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Liam Halewood



Liam was born 2nd July 1986 in Allerton, Liverpool.  His mum is Angela and his dad is Eric.  He has 1 brother, Kevin and 2 sisters, Lisa and Colette.


From a very early age, it was clear that Liam would find his way into the world of entertainment.  However, before entering the world of entertainment, he joined Mode Training Ltd with the view of becoming a hairdresser.  After a couple of years in hairdressing, he decided to change careers and follow his dream of becoming an entertainer.  


Liam has been singing and dancing in shows since he was five years old.  At 16 years old, he became a champion majorette!  He got his first big break in paid entertainment when he became a drag queen working in bars in Liverpool and Manchester under the stage name of Miss Liberty.  After a few years, Liam decided to move to Blackpool to further his career in the entertainment field.


It was at this point that Liam found out he could sing.  Slowly but surely, he has turned into a very talented singer.  He is very well known on the circuit in Blackpool and around the North West as a good singer who has a great rapport with his audience.  His natural wit and scouse humour is appreciated far and wide!  He did extremely well with an appearance on the 2015 edition of the X Factor which opened many doors for him.


Liam has added to his CV by setting up a Boy George tribute act named It’s a Miracle, the Boy George Celebration.  It has been receiving rave reviews around the UK and continues to attract many bookings.


Over the years, Liam has expanded his repertoire and has appeared on television in a number of UK based reality TV shows.  Up to date, he has appeared on Four in a Bed, The Weakest Link, The Extreme Diet Hotel and Naked Education.  He has also turned his hand to being an extra in Hollyoaks and a couple of TV plays.  More recently, he has appeared as a talking head on Talk TV where he gives his personal opinions on the various topics which are hitting the news of the day.  


Not one to rest on his laurels, Liam co- hosts a radio show on Coastal Radio DAB by the name of The Out Out Show.  He also appears regularly in Christmas pantomime productions.


Liam prides himself on making sure that all age groups are entertained by him.  He sings a wide range of music from 50s and 60s, right up to the present day.  He is always updating the music genres and styles.  This guarantees that, no matter who is in the audience, everyone will leave having had a great time listening to great vocals, lots of humour and lots of fun no matter what the occasion is!

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